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Black Curly-Q in Stacker Sets

Black Curly-Q leather Simple Click Whirly Wrap Bracelet. This leather is ridiculously soft. It simply folds around your wrist. I wove black waxed linen around the silver pewter Curly-Q to give it pizazz. And the "knobby" magnet is a cinch to CLICK! and pull apart with one hand. Be sure to indicate your accurate wrist measurement (see below).

In the photos, I have stacked it with my oh-so-versatile Black Skinny Leather Twice Around.  It is also shown in more detail in the chocolate Brown. You will save a bit if you purchase them together here. 

The Curly-Q Stacker Set is also available Chocolate Leather. 

So simple and elegant, this leather wrap bracelet looks great in casual and dressy environs-- on both men and women. Your bracelet comes in a little metal gift box with care instructions.

IMPORTANT: measure your wrist with a soft tape just above the bone and indicate in the cart notes if you like it loose or snug fitting. Please do not measure another bracelet or guesstimate. If I know your ACTUAL wrist measurement I can make it to fit perfectly.

Live a little on the edge!