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Black & White Stitching, Japanese Rice Bag, Komebukuro Bag, Sashiko-inspired stitching, Pocket, Patchwork

Black & White Stitching- Black on white. White on Black. A little mustard, soft brown and charcoal and pocket patchwork too. One panel is quilted I sewed. The pocket panel is painted from drawn triangles. Another has a 6" sashiko stitched panel and the fourth panel is a 4" intricate design.  This bag is sewn  with my mother-in-law’s 1957 Singer 401A Slant-o-matic. And my hands. 

This drawstring bag or pouch is ideal as a project bag -- knitting, sewing, etc.) or go-anywhere bag. Traditionally these "Boro" bags were repaired and strengthened for extended use with hand-stitching and adding patchwork fabrics. 

Seams are pinked and double sewn. The bag is topstitched on the opening edge, and the lining is tacked in the corners. Many hours (lovingly) go into producing this 7 x 7" pouch. Pattern by Karen Stevens, copyright @2018. @kzstevens

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