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Natural Cork Tree of Life - SMALL

Natural Cork Tree of Life.  Sumptuous natural Portuguese cork Whirly Wrap bracelet with a "rusted" Tree of Life button. This Whirly Wrap bracelet is for those who are drawn to the Tree of Life metaphor and love nature, trees and forests. 

This wrap is sized for a wrist measurement of 6".  SMALL and ready-to-ship.

I combined the natural textures of the Portuguese cork with the roughness of the rusted carved Tree and simply love the effect. I hold it all in place by wrapping waxed linen around the cork strands which gives it strength and texture. Completely one-of-a-kind, this cork wrap bracelet looks great the office, at dinner; with jeans or dresses.

What is so sumptuous about a Portuguese cork wrap bracelet? Cork is a renewable, sustainable resource that makes a strong eco-friendly statement as the bark of the trees are harvested every nine years with no harm to them. It is the perfect lightweight, supple material for wrist wear and is a wonderful alternative for vegans. Strong, durable, water-resistant and oh-so-soft. You have to try one on to believe it.

So simple and secure~ yet elegant and fun. Wrap, wrap and CLICK! Easy-off and easy-on with the surety of a sturdy magnet. The magnets practically find each other! My magnets are mechanically inset, which means they can't pop off or come unglued. (Will not harm cell phones or laptops etc.). I include a little how-to so you can see how to easily wrap and click.

Your bracelet comes in a little metal gift box which keeps the mischievous magnet from making too many close friends on your dressing table. 

IMPORTANT: Measure your wrist with a soft tape just above the bone. Please do not measure another bracelet, include extra for "slack" or guesstimate.

This wrap is sized for a wrist measurement of 6".  SMALL and ready-to-ship. All sales are final.


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