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Charcoal & Loafers~ Black Weave~ SMALL

Charcoal and Loafers Whirly Wrap bracelet. Simple. Sophisticated, Elegant but casual. This is a throwback to a time when I wore black jeans and Bass Weejun Loafers. I use a vintage, charcoal black (smoky really) leather. This bracelet features a carved, etched medallion, wrapped in place with waxed hemp. It's a goes-with-everything bracelet that makes its own, graphic statement.

This wrap is sized for a wrist measurement of 6".  SMALL.This wrap is ready-to-ship. 

So simple and secure~ yet elegant and fun. Wrap, wrap and CLICK! Easy-off and easy-on with the surety of a sturdy magnet. The magnets practically find each other! My magnets are mechanically inset, which means they can't pop off or come unglued. (Will not harm cell phones or laptops etc.). I include a little how-to so you can see how to easily wrap and click.

Your bracelet comes in a little metal gift box which keeps the mischievous magnet from making too many close friends on your dressing table. 

IMPORTANT: measure your wrist with a soft tape just above the bone. Please do not measure another bracelet, include extra for "slack" or guesstimate.

This wrap is sized for a wrist measurement of 6".  SMALL. This wrap is ready-to-ship. All sales are final.

Treat yourself to everyday luxury!

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