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Yours & Mine Gift Set~ Mixed Neutrals and Metals

This Yours & Mine Gift Set includes a triple Wrap n'Click in black and brown leather with silver and gold findings and a Once Around black and brown bolo (braided) leather with a silver or gold secure magnet. For couples, Mother-Daughter, Siblings, Best Friends...

The triple wrap goes with everything. Do you wear both black and brown? Silver and gold/brass?  Hmmm.  This wrap will solve your dilemma. One strand of solid black leather with one strand of brown (1960 penny loafer color) leather with a mix of metals for the focal, accent beads and magnet. It is comfortable with casual and fancier styles and can be worn everyday and stacked with your other favorite silver/brass jewelry.  Wrap, wrap and CLICK! The magnets practically find each other! Your Whirly comes in a little metal gift box which keeps the mischievous magnet from making too many close friends on your dressing table.  I also include a little how-to so you (or your giftee) can see how to easily wrap and click.

Are you looking for a simple, genuine, soft leather bracelet to wear or gift your partner? Perhaps you love the feel of soft smooth leather. One strand of black bolo and one strand of toffee, in an uber-soft leather CLICK with the surety of a secure magnet. Easy, easy to do yourself with one hand. See the photo for the Magnet Knack.  (Men's styles shown for scale with similar leathers.)

IMPORTANT: measure your wrist with a soft tape just above the bone. At checkout, indicate your size (6" = small; 6.5" = average; 7" = larger) I will make it with a little "give" unless you add a note to make it snug. Please do not measure another bracelet, include extra for "slack" or guesstimate. If I know your ACTUAL wrist measurement I can make it to fit perfectly.