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Your & Mine Gift Set~ Southwest Hues with Turquoise

This Yours & Mine Gift Set includes a Southwest triple Wrap n'Click with a woven turquoise and silver star,  and a Once Around black and brown bolo (braided) leather with a silver or gold secure magnet. (Please tell me in the Notes if you prefer the natural braid or Loafer Leather Tan as the second strand.) 

For couples, Mother-Daughter, Siblings, Best Friends...

Two strands of genuine leather~~smooth tan leather (like my Weejun loafers) and a multi-hued, patterned strand in teal, mustard, rust and wheat. I paired them with this intricate, silver, etched star with a turquoise stone. They clasp with an easy-to-do-yourself-with-one-hand secure magnet.

Wrap, wrap and CLICK! The magnets practically find each other! Your Whirly comes in a little metal gift box which keeps the mischievous magnet from making too many close friends on your dressing table.  I also include a little how-to so you (or your giftee) can see how to easily wrap and click.

The second bracelet is a simple Click in a matching tan leather with a woven turquoise stone. All with the surety of a secure magnet. Easy, easy to do yourself with one hand. See the photo for the Magnet Knack.  

IMPORTANT: measure your wrist with a soft tape just above the bone. At checkout, indicate your size (6" = small; 6.5" = average; 7" = larger) I will make it with a little "give" unless you add a note to make it snug. Please do not measure another bracelet, include extra for "slack" or guesstimate. If I know your ACTUAL wrist measurement I can make it to fit perfectly.