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Salmon Weave Little Stitches Cuff

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Salmon Weave Little Stabs Cuff Bracelet. These bricked crosses get a little pizzazz with salmon sashiko threads woven throughout.

Are you drawn to the slow fashion movement? Rethinking where your clothes and accessories are made~ where? how? by whom? under what conditions? I use organic cottons and linens, upcycled vintage fabrics, whenever possible, and cotton Sashiko thread to embroider these stitched cuff bracelets.

For this bracelet I used a gray shot cotton for the background and a salmon or peach colored Cotton + Steel pattern for the back. I used both white and salmon sashiko threads for the crosses and weave. The clasp includes hand dyed silk cords and a sterling silver bead (lined with silicone) to make the cuff adjustable. Slide open the bead, slip over your hand, and slide the bead back down. Easy.

All hand sewn by me here on my kitchen table in Athens, GA. Sized for a 6.25" wrist and larger.