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Silver, Gold and Black Puzzler- AVERAGE

Fancy Puzzler in Silver, Gold and Black. This Puzzler series grew out of my need for my business to have a more waste-free environment. I save and use all my leather cuttings as well as the waxed linen cord pieces and love the result. 

A wide leather silver band is sandwiched by narrower smooth black leather strands. Pieces of silver, gold and black are included and the "puzzle" is bound by the waxed linen cords. The extra wide magnet is an easy CLICK!  This Whirly is sized for a measured 6.5" AVERAGE wrist.

So simple and secure~ yet elegant and fun. Wrap and CLICK! Easy to do with one hand! My magnets are mechanically inset, which means they can't pop off or come unglued. (Will not harm cell phones or laptops etc.).

Your bracelet comes in a little metal gift box which keeps the mischievous magnet from making too many close friends on your dressing table.

IMPORTANT: Measure your wrist with a soft tape just above the bone. Please do not measure another bracelet, include extra for "slack" or guesstimate.

This wrap is sized for a wrist measurement of 6.5”  AVERAGE and ready-to-ship. All sales are final.

Treat yourself to everyday luxury!

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