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Snazzy Red Stripes Whirly

Snazzy Red Stripes. When you need a Black & Red bracelet to show your pride or match an outfit, this black & white striped with red leather wrap is your go-to bracelet. I pair it with an antique silver etched medallion It is comfortable with casual / fancier styles and can be worn everyday and stacked with your other favorite silver/black jewelry.

Wrap, wrap and CLICK! Your Whirly comes with a How-To card, in a metal gift box. See above for more detailed information.

IMPORTANT: measure your wrist with a soft tape just above the bone. At checkout, indicate your size (6" = small; 6.5" = average; 7" = larger) I will make it with a little "give" unless you add a note to make it snug. Please do not measure another bracelet, include extra for "slack" or guesstimate. If I know your ACTUAL wrist measurement I can make it to fit perfectly.

Treat yourself to everyday luxury!

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