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Wild Geese Ruffles Little Stitches Cuff

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Wild Geese Ruffles Little Stitches Cuff Bracelet. Two of my favorite things combine in this whimsical bracelet~  pinstripes and ruffles. Oops,  three things~ pearl snaps. 

I dressed the black linen up with embroidered arrow (geese wings) stitches and ruffled up the edge with recycled pinstripes. Inspired by the fall sky...

"Why do geese fly in formation? What do they know that I don't know? They never make useless conversation, and they never have to ask which way to go." (lyrics by my husband John Dewey).

Are you drawn to the slow fashion movement? Rethinking where your clothes and accessories are made~ where? how? by whom? under what conditions? I use organic cottons and linens, upcycled vintage fabrics, whenever possible, and cotton Sashiko thread to embroider these stitched cuff bracelets.

This one is ready-to-ship for a 6.5" wrist.  I have more fabric to make one in your wrist measurement.  Add your wrist measurement to the Notes to Seller, or email me.

All hand sewn by me here on my kitchen table in Athens, GA. Everything you like and nothing you don't like.